Increase Snake Wine Cobra Sales

Increase Snake Wine Cobra Sales

Hi Snake-Wine-Cobra team,

I’m Justin, a partner at Slicedbread, a unique agency that has a simple approach: attract, engage, monetize. We help our clients develop social and search advertising campaigns that drive brand growth.

I reached out today because I spent some time reviewing Snake-Wine-Cobra as a brand and believe it could be a great fit with our approach at Slicedbread. Together, I would like to explore specific strategies for Snake-Wine-Cobra to increase sales and grow customer acquisition through paid channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Shopping and Search advertising.
We have helped brands in similar market segments realize significant brand growth and understand the challenges to success.

I’m sure things are busy and you probably get a lot of emails just like this one so I will be respectful of your time.
Are you open to having a brief conversation together?

Justin Szabo
Director of Marketing
2409 Main St STE C
Santa Monica CA


Dear Sir,
Thank you for your message.
The concerned department will contact you shortly.
Best regards,