Wholesale Snake Wine Order


Do you wholesale? I would like to buy hundreds of bottles to sell in my country.

Please tell me what is the best price for wholesale Snake wine bottles that you can offer.

Thank you for your reply.


Dear customer,
Thank you for your interest, we only sell authentic Cobra snake liquor and we ship our Snake wine worldwide including to your country (our snakes are from an official registered farm in Vietnam and we ship all our parcels declared as “Gift / Sample”). We take care of the importation process and depending on your location we will send your order from our European or USA office, so you can be sure to receive your items quickly.
We cannot offer a discount on specific items as shipping cost is very expensive but if you order 6 bottles of any type we will send you 8 bottles.
Our website is updated and our best offer is now this one:
The bottles are big ones, 25 cm tall, almost 10 inches, and feature 1 real snake and 1 scorpion.
But if you want even bigger we have these bottles:
Prices are displayed in Dollar on our store and you can order online by using Paypal or your credit card without Paypal account, but you can also use bank to bank money transfer or send your payment by post. If you need a Paypal money request just inform us and we will send you one.
If you prefer to send your payment by post office service or Western union please tell us first by replying to this message and then send your payment to our address:
S.A. Durand, 4 rue de la Presse, Brussels 1000, BELGIUM
Feel free to contact us for any further information, and please add our Email address to your contacts list to be sure to receive our next messages in case you place an order or contact us again.
Best regards,